“The Warmth of Bodies”

日本語は下記にあります。スクロールして見てください。The Japanese translation is below.)
During rehearsals, we decided to revive a piece I wrote in 2010 called “The Warmth of Bodies”for our concert tomorrow.
We also played a song I wrote in 2008 called “Night in the Gallery.”
People often say how my voice has changed since then. That I sound more like a musical singer than I did years before.
The concerts in January suffered due to my throat problems, but this time around I was in full control, at least during the rehearsals.
The differences between my performances back in 2008-2010 and now sounded good to my ears.

This performance is from early 2011, and the performers are:
Sayano Tojima: Violin, Takuyuki Moriya: Contrabass, Junzo Tateiwa ; percussion and Ayuo: Vocals
This video was taken by Yoshimoto Yumiko at a concert in KEN in Sangenchaya, Tokyo.

The words I wrote for this have been on my older website for a number of years.
Here are some excerpts below the Japanese translation of this text.

この時の演奏者は、戸島さや野:Violin, 守谷拓之:Contrabass, 立岩潤三:Percussion、そしてAyuo:Vocals,

The Warmth of Bodies (Words by Ayuo, 2010)

The warmth of skin upon skin
The warmth of you in front of me
As we disappear

Bodies corrode
Bodies erode
Bodies rot

We change
We changed
We have changed
And what was once beautiful
Is filled with creepy crawling disgusting goo

The warmth of what you were
I can only leave behind in twisted words

Will you smile when you hear this?
You, who once, shared my bed
Would you recall
Or will you burn the traces
In a burst of extinction

Snakes in the pond of our faces
The wetness of your tongue embraced mine
In the darkness
So that I don’t know in which space
Your eyes were traveling

We who think with our minds
Can stand so close, yet be so apart in thoughts

And what are thoughts?
They stretch out like
Molecules in empty space
(The rest of the lyrics are on my old homepage: http://www.ayuo.net/lyrics.php?id=10)


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