Ayuo – The Holy Man and The Sinner Within

昔の音源ではなく、最近のものをシェアしたいところだが、先ほどyoutubeをつけたら、昔の僕の音源を誰か知らない人がアップしてあった。久しぶりに 聴いてみたら面白かった。これは8人編成で何度かライブをやっていた頃のスタジオ録音だった。バルカン半島のジプシーのダンスで使われているリズムの曲。 しかし、テーマは雅楽の楽器、篳篥がで吹いている。これがすごくいい味を出している。中央アジアのパノラマ的な広がりを感じさせる。僕はブズーキと歌。当 時は大熊ワタルさんの篳篥と僕のブズーキで何度か越天楽をダンス・チューンとしてやった記憶がある。メンバーは次の通り:Ayuo: Bouzouki, Vocals, 大熊ワタル: Hichiriki(篳篥), Clarinet, 太田恵資: Violin, 関島岳郎:Tuba, 植村昌弘:Drums, 三浦智津子:Drums, 西村拓也:Bass, Sine Qua Non: Rhythm Programming, David Lord: Mix in England, Maha: Live Belly Dance, スズキコージ:Live Cohjizukin Robot

Although I’d love to share with you some of my more recent recordings, which I feel is quite an improvement over the old recordings in every way. I just found that someone I don’t know has uploaded an old recording of mine released in 2000 that I have not heard for quite some time now.
This is a studio recording of a group that I performed a few concerts with. around the year 2000.
The Hichiriki, a double reed instrument, which is usually used in the court music, Gagaku, adds a real nice taste to the theme.
I start to see inside my head some kind of a panoramic vision of miles of deserts with some small wooded areas in what I imagine to be Central Asia. During this time, Wataru Ohkuma and I used to also play the Etenraku, a Gagaku composition, said to have originated in Central Asia, as a dance tune with his Hichiriki and my Bouzouki.
The members were:
Ayuo: Bouzouki, Vocals,
Wataru Ohkuma: Hichiriki, Clarinet,
Keisuke Ohta:: Violin,
Takero Sekijima: :Tuba,
Masahiro Uemura::Drums,
Chizuko Miura: :Drums
Takuya Nishimura: Bass
Sine Qua Non: Rhythm Programming,
David Lord: Mix in England,
Maha: Live Belly Dance,
Suzuki Cohji:Live Cohjizukin Robot

It would really be difficult to rehearse and record something with this many musicians involved. It would simply cost too much money for rehearsals and recordings. Too bad.

Next time, I’ll try to put up something something more recent.

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