From John Gray’s new book – “The Soul of the Marionette”

From John Gray’s new book – “The Soul of the Marionette” published 2015/5/19 in England.
“Beyond humans, self-awareness may exist not only in other animals but in plants, jelly-fish, worms and many other living things. Since we know that humans are conscious, we know that other living things are conscious too. We also know the same will someday be true of machines…Eventually these half-broken machines will have the impression that they are choosing their path through life. As in humans, this may be an illusion; but as the sensation takes hold, it will engender what in humans used to be called a soul.
What seems to be singularly human is not consciousness or free will but inner conflict – the contending impulses that divide us from ourselves. No other animal seeks the satisfaction of its desires and at the same time curses them as evil; spends its life terrified of death while being ready to die in order to preserve an image of itself, kills its own species for the sake of dreams. Not self-awareness but the split in the self is what makes us human.
Far more than conscious thought, it is our animal mind that makes us what we are. Accepting the fact of unknowing makes possible an inner freedom very different from the that pursued by the Gnostics, with their belief in the liberating power of knowledge.” – John Gray
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