Ayuo’s Theater-piece based on based on the 18th century Chinese novel “A Dream of Red Mansions”


For those who understand English and love Far Eastern literature, here is a track I composed and recorded in the late 80s in England. It is based on the 18th century Chinese novel “A Dream of Red Mansions”. Two girls who are living with relatives, go out together to compose some poetry in a park by the lake. It is night time. The moon is beautiful. Everyone else are celebrating the festival holidays, but these two have no parents to return to. They are lonely and their poetry is melancholic. The music is my version of a slowed down Wagnerian Music Theater. I would love to have the opportunity to create a large work of Music Theater for the stage, and am still hoping this could be realized one day.
The visuals here are from an experimental film by Kiyoshi Awazu. 3 of my CDs have jackets designed by him, and I have made music for his other films. The music here was not composed for this film, but the shadow images provide a way of listening to it. Darken the room. Turn the volume up. (the music is soft and slow.) Close your eyes. Let the images in the poetry carry you away to a distant land.

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