Ayuo sings “Soul Into Soul”

ラップ歌手になろうとした頃のAyuo. (English translation on the link.) このような曲を90年代後半から2000年の初めころに一つアルバム分録音していた。


Soul Into Soul の後半の歌詞とコーラス・パートの歌詞:

When I felt my soul within you,,
I beheld a stream,
From which the spring,
With melodious murmuring,
Calmly carry the slumber of our dreams.

To feel the elements,
In the eye of the moon.
Where the wondering waters rush,
To meet the new born night.

Interacting light,
The form of I and you.
Sweet sheets of falling dew.
Your lips moved like snow.

To learn, to dream,
Together, to be,
Without a touch.
How the angels meet in streaming light.

To learn, to feel,
The eye, the moon.
Where the whole flows into whole.
No strain of bones, but only a light,
Where the substance meets in pure delight.

Soul into soul to flow.
Heaven’s music to grow.
The mystery of souls in light.
As it melts to clear snow-white.
Soul into soul to flow.
Heaven’s music to grow.
The inward eye to delight,
As it melts into the light.


All Music and Lyrics have copyright.
They are registered internationally by JASRAC

Words, Music, Illustrations, Photos, Articles, Lyrics by Ayuo
© Ayuo All rights reserved

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