A Suite of Poetry by Ayuo – So you want to be a philosopher

So you want to be a philosopher by Ayuo

So you want to be a philosopher
You want to prove that your theories are absolute
So you try to eliminate everything that may prove you wrong
But that will also eliminate you.
The opposite of you by Ayuo

The opposite of you
Exists within you
You always see it on the outside
In projections of shadows attacking you.
As the shadows attacking you.

When you fall in love
it’s with an image existing inside of you.
And you project them outside you

What you love exists within you
And you project them outside you
As images of loved ones and idols

You see the world
As you expect to see it

You became conscioius of it
When you became six
And it grew to be come you

You talk to images by Ayuo

You talk to images
You assume people to be
The charactors in your nightmares and dreams

People are never what you think they are
For you cannot see outside yourself
You only feel the common denominator
Words are only poetry by Ayuo

We think
We believe

We don’t want to be caught without beliefs.
Inside , we think we know
And we want to believe
But our words are poetry
Metaphors of things in reality
And you say to me
I believe

Well I want to believe


Life isn’t one man’s dream
We see with different eyes
We see from different view points
Nothing is the same

So we speak in metaphors
No direct answer to questions profound
No dogmas
Nothing remains the same
Not even same words.

life is about learning
life is about knowing
life is movement

ikiru to ha mananndeiku koto
ikiru to rikai shiteiru koto
ikiteiru mono ni ha ugokiga aru

life self-organiizes itself
To the energy flowing through itself

when you say
i love you
you mean
i want to be loved

to be protected
to be fed
like when you were an infant


sex is bacterial exchange
sex began with cannibalism

i eat you
you become a part of me
and you are mine

sex is possession
sex is aggression

sex is not reproduction
sex is not love

i want to eat you tonight
he says
but she sucks away his lifeblood
and he is drained of whatever power he once had

You cannot hypnotize someone forever
One day the bind breaks
And he will never again accept your will

Your politics falls apart
Your religion crumbles
And your thoughts
Become pieces of paper
Burned in the winds of time
There are morals
There are standrards
And we only follow them
So society is not upset
Even the wildest of fantasies
Follow a formula
You may not notice them at first

With so many cultures
You’d expect more variety

We see patterns of a tale
And the tale is repeated again and again
And when we become
The out side people
We are the observers with a microscope

All Music, Poetry and Lyrics have copyright.
They are registered internationally by JASRAC

Words, Music, Illustrations, Photos, Articles, Lyrics by Ayuo
© Ayuo All rights reserved

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