A Suite of Poetry by Ayuo – The Breath That Moves Life

The Breath That Moves Life by Ayuo

life is living, dying , fading away
coming into existence

becoming something different
a plant, an animal
a part of the sea


beauty is not the make believe
beauty is not made up
beauty is life as it is
including the cycle of changes

we are what we are
we are made from what we experience
do you know what I’ve experienced?
do I really know what you’ve seen?

somewhere there is a space
where we are still children

I see you as me
what i will be

parts of what once was me
are a part of you
you were once what i went through
certain experiences are copied down generations
muscle movements
reactions to bacteria
certain experiences are never understood
language is one

language is a part of the culture
of the time, of the period
it only communicates with those who saw the same things
words change their meaning
as time goes on
the words the Greeks used now have different meanings

Expressions are conveyed through tone
written words can be logical or poetic

I decided to skip the metaphors this time
beautiful sounding can lead to misunderstandings
I’m now talking the way I think
No translations in between
so my words come straight from my thoughts

You come from different backgrounds
will use your own background to try to define the words I speak

And the things you saw
the life you lived will influence
the way you react to words

the way you put meaning into words

the breath that moves life
was what the ancients called soul
anima and psyche
When you breathe you move
the breath gives you life
living is movement

what is life?
what is it to pass away?

where will you be?
where will i be?

where are we headed?

what is god?

what are the energies of the universe?

what is life ?
what is death?

what is it to become?
And become from what?
you could be many things
reincarnation is a metaphor

Society doesn’t allow you to be many things
you are pigeonholed to become one
one substance, one soul
one stereotyped individual

i don’t have to do this
but i am doing it because
i feel someone wants me to

you would do nothing
except eat and play
if you had nothing to say to anyone
someone needs an answer


i like being with you
i see myself becoming you
the strength to be what i am

We are what we are
For the amount of time
We are we and
You are you

Does your brain survive ?
All your experiences
Your memories

Thoughts are always in the air between us
Through gestures
Through feelings
Through words

your experiences
my experiences
are a part of the treasures of the earth


All Music, Poetry and Lyrics have copyright.
They are registered internationally by JASRAC

Words, Music, Illustrations, Photos, Articles, Lyrics by Ayuo
© Ayuo All rights reserved

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