A Suite of Poetry by Ayuo – We Change, We Become


How Words and Thoughts Grow Old Like We Do by Ayuo

in the world of mirrors
the opposite of what once was
may stand for the same thing

strange, how words and thoughts grow old
just like we do
and the same words sound different
when the situation has changed
Breathing by Ayuo

we exchange
we change
we become
we are
and we pass away to another way
of becoming
what we are

and we change
are changed
to become
to be
you and me
as we are
as we will be

In front of your eyes
I see a character
I don’t know him
You don’t know him either.

A picture appears in your mind
That conjures up the words you are hearing

People create illusions of others
I see them like castles in the air
Because people can’t understand
Anything they haven’t seen themselves
And all the castles in the built on these streets
Are ready to collapse like the World Trade Center

You want me to play that role
Well, alright, but when will you realize
I’m only acting for your benefit

We are all actors
In this world
Your friends and family
You act according to their images
And you play along
You can call it tradition
Try living in a different land
It’s only when you are all alone that you can become yourself again

You are your own culture
You have your own collective within you
Whenever you are with others
You have to consider their image of you
And you put on an act
Go to a different land
And you become a different character

Oh, no,no, you don’t change
You change with images
You change only because people’s image of you change

We don’t change
Yet we change
Ever so slightly
As the air touches us

life is born
And lives live within us
if only you didn’t make any judgements
you would be free to change with the oceans inside you
are you so lonely
that you have to join some cult
some religion
some political party

you will be followed by the mentally weak
the indecisive
and others
who want to join your party
those who look up to receive some kind of orders
some kind of a revelation that they can’t think for themselves

and so the mob comes
with their ideology and their guillotine
and their fantastic ideas of the people


you have no words to express your feelings
so you hide behind the words of an american pop tune
you have no words to express your thoughts
so you hide behind the words of a hollywood movie

don’t hide behind someone else’s words
let me see your face

what do you want to tell me
what do you want me to say
don’t hide behind someone else
let me see what you really feel

Oh really now
Are you really?
All Music, Poetry and Lyrics have copyright.
They are registered internationally by JASRAC

Words, Music, Illustrations, Photos, Articles, Lyrics by Ayuo
© Ayuo All rights reserved

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