Yae (arranged by Ayuo) – The Color of the Sky (Sora no Iro)

Yae (arranged by Ayuo) – The Color of the Sky (Sora no Iro) (English translation below)

I arranged and played all the plucked string instruments and composed the chorus line for this song by Yae. The producer had told me that he wanted me to completely re-write everything except for the main melody with the words sung by Yae. As a result, this song sounds like much of my compositions. I also sing the chorus lines in the middle and end of the song.
Both the percussionist Massaharu Sato and the Violinist Keisuke Ohta sound great. Massa really knows how to make the groove sound good.

Yae: Vocals
Ayuo: Irish Harp, Guitars, Medieval Psaltery, Bouzouki, Back Vocals
Massaharu Sato 佐藤正治: Percussion
Keisuke Ohta 太田恵資: Violin

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