Poetry by Ayuo – Words are symbols

Words are symbols by Ayuo

Words are symbols
They come from gestures
There are no magical sounds
Unless you add meaning to them

You want to hear stories
There are people you want to be
Adventures that opens your horizon
Places you’ve never been
And places that don’t exist

People to act out your fantasies
That are too far away to be real

But stories have their own patterns
And people repeat the same stories
Over and over in different settings
Meanings in words may differ in different cultures
But I began to wonder
Maybe for us humans
There are only a few set of story patterns
And we simply continue to put them in different settings
Over and over again.

Then you realize
There are no places that don’t exist
There are no people you don’t know
Because you see them from the limits of your mind
People are storytellers
And in their heads are the patterns of stories
With which they see the world

All Music, Poetry and Lyrics have copyright.
They are registered internationally by JASRAC

Words, Music, Illustrations, Photos, Articles, Lyrics by Ayuo
© Ayuo All rights reserved

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